Day in London Photos

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These photographs were taken on my day in London.

entrance Bank of England.jpg (112539 bytes) look at leadenhall from cree church lane.jpg (125910 bytes) saint katherine cree church.jpg (86056 bytes)

The Entrance to the Bank of England in Threadneedle Street

The View from the Top of Creechurch Lane looking at Ledenhall Street.  Perhaps built on the site of the Carvajal Mansion?

Saint Katherine Cree Church corner of Creechurch Lane and Leadenhall Street (curiously came out Black and White)

cree church junction with bevis marks.jpg (101451 bytes) monument bottom.jpg (82979 bytes) monument top.jpg (75914 bytes)

At the Junction of Creechurch Lane and Bevis Marks - Note McDonalds now occupies 21st Century History

The Monument - Bottom Half commemorating the Great Fire of London

The Monument - Top Half commemorating the Great Fire of London

joseph ferdinando 1.jpg (114246 bytes)

Joseph's Transaction Record at the Bank of England





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