Antonio Ferdinando Carvajal

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Antonio Fernandes Carvajal

[Probate Office.  PELL. FOL. 531]

In the Name of God Amen.

I Anthony Fernandez Carvaiall of London Merchant, beinge infirme and weake of Bodie but of good sound and perfect memorie judgement and understanding thanks be given to Almightie God for the same and all other mercies to mee doe make this my last Will and Testament in writing.  Imprimis I doe committ my Soule into the hands of my Creatour and my Bodie to be decentlie buried in accordinge to the discretion of my most deare and lovinge wife Marie Fernandez Carvaiall whome I doe hereby make nominate and appoynte full and sole executrix of this my said Will and Testament and of the same Will doe expressely will or daine and appoynte my Brothers in Lawe Manuell Rodrigues Nunez and Symon de Sosa and my loving Cozen Manuell de Fonseca Meza supervizors and overseers earnsetly desiring them that they will be aiding and assiting unto my said Wife and Executrix by and with their best advice and Councell in what they may in and for the due execution and performance of this my said Will according to my intent and meaning hereafter declared.  And as touching the Temporal Estate which it hath pleased God to lend me.  I doe dispose thereof in manner and forme following: First I doe give and bequeath unto the poore of my Nation in London Thirtie pounds to be distributed unto and amongst them according to the discretion of my said Executrix and to the poor of the parish of Saint Katherine Creechurche Tenn pounds.  Item I give and bequeath unto Charles Rayworth my sevrant Twentie pounds in case he shall continue and live with my said Wife and Executrix untill the full expiration of his time.  Item I doe gove and bequeath unto Deborah Nunez my servant six pounds and unto Anne Somers and Marie Marison my two other servant three pounds apeece.  Item I doe give and bequeath unto my loving Cozins Moses Atias and Abraham de Tonar Twentie pounds apeece and unto my said Cozin Manuell de Fonseca Meza I do give One hundred pounds sterling.  And all the rest and residue of my monies, goods Chattells and Estate whatsoever hereby unbequeathed my debts Legacies and Funnerall Charges being first paid and deducted I doe will give devise and dispose of the same in this manner.  That is to say one just Third part thereof I doe leave and give unto my said Wife and Executrix Mary Fernandez Cavaiall.  Item one other just Third part thereof unto my Sonne George.  And the other Third pasrt thereof unto my Sonne Joseph.  To be paid unto them at their severall and respective ages of   Twentie and One yeares: And if either of them my said Sonnes shall die before he shall attaine the age of Twentie and One yeares, then the part and portion of the deceased shall come and belong unto the Survivr of them: And I doe will and desire that my siad Cozin Manuell de Fonseca Meza with the assistance and consent of my said Wife and approbation of my said Brothers in Lawe Manuell Rodrigues Nunez and Simon de Soza shall be imployed and have the Government and Management of my Trade affaires and busines.  And that if anie busines for Straingers or other mens accompts shall be continued in my house one halfe of all the provision or profitts thereof shall come and belong to my Estate: And the other halfe he the said Manuell de Fonseca shall have and enjoye to his owne use for and in consideration of his care and paines to be therein taken who shall be besides gratifyed according to the good will and pleasure of my said Executrix for that he shall doe in the business which shall concerne and be for the accompt propper of my Estate, revoking and making voyd and of none effect all former or other Wills Testaments Codicills and bequests by me heretofore made or given desiring this to stand for and as my last Will and Testament to be accompted and noe other.  In Witness whereof I the said Anthonio Fernandez Carvaiall have hereunto put my hand and seale the One and Twentieth day of October in the yeare of our Lord God One thosuand six hundred fiftie and nyne:  Anthonio Fernd Carvaiall:  Signed Sealed published and declared the day and yeare above said in the presence of Samuell Poyner, Lucas Emans  Jo: Marius Noty Publiqe 1659.

This Will was proved att London the third day of the month of December in the yeare of our Lord God One thousand six hundred fiftie and nyne before Judges for Probate of Wills and granting Administration lawfully authorised by the oath of Mary Fernandez Carvaiall the Reliet and sole and only Executrix named in the above written Will to whome Administration of all and singular the goods, chattells and debts of the said deceased was granted and committed she being first leglly sworne truly and faythfullie to administer the same.

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