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Introduction & Acknowledgements

The Webmaster would like to acknowledge the following sites for their royalty free use of images:


  2. Dwellings of the Poor in Bethnal Green articles and pictures

  3. Phil Degen - an East of London Family History Society Member who has made these images available to this site.  My grateful thanks to Phil.

  4. Jan Collie, Author of Hidden London and Webmistress of the Hidden London Web Site 

  5. Churches where the WEB SITE link appears takes to you the site that the photograph was obtained from and where you can find out further detailed information.  My thanks to their respective owners for permissions.


Saint Mary & Saint Peter, Wennington
wyke-regis-all saints
walthamstow st peter


Saint Mary and Saint Peter Wennington 

(courtesy 1 above)

All Saints, Wyke Regis, Weymouth, Dorset


Saint Peter Walthamstow 

(courtesy 1 above)




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