1681 - 1690



Second Test Act (against non-conformists) passed by Westminster Parliament

Oil lighting first used in London streets


Library of Advocates founded in Edinburgh later National Library of Scotland


June 6: Ashmolean Museum opened at Oxford first museum in Britain

Climate: Coldest 'Frost fair' in London


Presbyterian settlement in Stuart's Town in South Carolina

Huguenot registers begin in London


Earl of Argyll's Invasion of Scotland

James the Second (1685-1689, died 1701) Monmouth rebellion and battle of Sedgemoor British Army raised to 20,000 men

Judge Jeffreys and the Bloody Assizes 320 executed, 800 transported

Revocation of the Edict of Nantes drove thousands of Protestants (Huguenots) from France many settled in England 

1685 - 1750

Johann Sebastian Bach  German organist and composer

1685 - 1759  

George Frideric Handel   composer of German birth but English by naturalisation


Release of all prisoners held for their religious beliefs


February: Edward Lloyd's Coffee House later became Lloyd's of London

Nov: The Glorious Revolution: James II abdicates William of Orange lands in England William of Hanover and Mary, daughter of James II, jointly take the throne (only William, however, has regal power)

British Army raised to 40,000

Bill of Rights limits the powers of the monarchy over parliament

Hearth Tax abolished

Mutiny Act


Deposed James VII & II flees to Ireland defeated at the Battle of the Boyne (1 July 1690)

Earliest Royal Dutch Chapel registers

Siege of Londonderry

Toleration Act for Protestant non-conformists

Battle of Killiecrankie in Scotland


Great Synagogue founded

Presbyterianism finally established in Scotland

Battle of the Boyne