Descendants of Isaac Ferdinando


1. Isaac Ferdinando

Bond Apprentice 3 November 1693 To George Gilbert. Had his own Apprentice Aaron Walker (bond 1704).
Granted freedom of Blacksmith Co. 3 April 1701 (and of The City of London) Lived at the Old Bailey in 1717

3. Isaac Ferdinando

Died just a few days before his Father

4. Benjamin Ferdinando

IGI Christening 15th Jan 1707 at Saint Peter Paul's Wharf

6. Abraham Ferdinando

Brought from Hendon for burial?

7. "Chrisum Child" Ferdinando

A Chrison child died before its Mother was churched. The name comes from the "Chrison" shroud placed around the baby after birth and delivered to the Church for its ablutions after the Baptism/Christening. A Chrison Child was often buried in this shroud.

8. Elizabeth Ferdinando

IGI States name as Fardinando